UFC179: McGregor's Mouth= More Money

With UFC 179 just around the corner, it seems Conor Mcgregor is somehow the talk of the town.

The 16-2 Irishman has miraculously put himself next in line for a title shot but is it all about making money? UFC President Dana White argues McGregor is a legit contender .

" If you go down the (featherweight) list, every one of those guys has fought Jose Aldo already. Conor hasn’t. So who do you line up next for the champ other than Conor? Everybody else has fought him."


McGregor demolished Dustin Poirier in the first round of UFC 178 and that took him to a top five ranking. He has been sensational marketing for the UFC and his popularity continues to grow.

The debate on whether McGregor gets his title shot comes to the disgust of Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson. These two are set to fight in November but McGregor's popularity means he could leap frog them both.

"It doesn't surprise me," Edgar told ESPN.com. "As a promoter, it's probably the smart thing to do. He's got a lot of buzz going. Why have him lose before they can make money on that fight?

Cheap shot or wise words?

UFC 179 is headlined as a repeat of UFC 142 as Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo (24-1) takes on Chas Mendes (16-1) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 25. What happens after that will be very interesting.

Chris Doerr
Chris Doerr


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