165mph in 8 seconds... Must be a BEAST

I was once told that, "passion is hard to define but easy to see."

'Turbo Greg' Stanton's desire for life is easily defined by passion. The 52-year-old is not a household name nor does he make millions of dollars drag bike racing, but hearing him talk about the industry is something to appreciate it.

Stanton is entering his 30th year of grinding it out as a privateer and continues his quest to win the Manufacturer's Cup. Stanton's best finish was back in 2001 when he finished 5th (back then it was the AMA Cup) but did point out that, "I finished higher than the Monster team." In a sport where the factory teams or "Goliath's" pour millions into their racing machines and equipment this was a huge victory for the little guy paying his own way and simply following his passion.

Living the Dream

Stanton has prided himself on allowing his love for racing to fund his hobby. He turned down numerous collegiate scholarship's and now works two jobs for that, "eight seconds of glory." Most drag bike races only last eight seconds on the track, in fact a title is won in just 32 seconds.

Stanton's Beast-like nature well humbly instilled in him by Father, the first inaugural winner of the Bristol Motor Speedway drag bike race back in 1965. His Dad spent 35 years in the National Guard and made sure his son never gave up on his dream.

"I live the dream," he chuckles as he explains all that goes into his bike. He does all his mechanic work himself and even offers to help out other riders as they prepare to race. Never trained in mechanics, his dad taught him from a young age how to fix stuff. "When I was 18 I was fascinated by anything that went fast."

Family First

However, the native of Memphis, TN has always understood the importance of family and relationships. He has three daughters who have inherited his desire to be great; they own 10 national cheer-leading championships between them.

With his youngest daughter about to graduate, Turbo can finally return to where he belongs. Next year he will amount a serious challenge for the Manufacturer's Cup; excited at the prospect bettering his placing since he last participated. 

This time he has some company. Now known as 'Grandpa' in some places, Turbo (shown right teaching Lane, one of his many gran-kids), gets to prove to the next generation of his family that life is about living out ones dreams and passions to the fullest!