BE A BEAST APPAREL Sponsorship Application Guidelines for PRO-TEAM and BEAST AMBASSADOR Programs.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an individual sponsorship from BE A BEAST Apparel. We are currently seeking to sponsor professional, and semi-professional athletes as part of our BEAST PRO-TEAM. To be eligible for this sponsorship you need to have a national or world ranking in your specific sport. 

We will officially review applications on a monthly basis. We are seeking a handpicked group of elite representatives. These athletes must possess an ideal combination of superior athletic accomplishments, contain a world ranking or top national ranking in their sport, and have a passion for our products and ESPECIALLY what we stand for!

We also offer a BEAST AMBASSADOR program in which we sponsor select individuals who are not professional athletes, but who represent the core values of our brand and live them out on a daily basis, examples include, coaches, managers of teams, aspiring professional athletes, etc.

If you think you have what it takes to become a sponsored BEAST ATHLETE please continue reading about our sponsorship guidelines.

BE A BEAST Apparel Sponsorship Terms/Conditions

  • Prior/Current Sponsorship: We require that you do not have any type of sponsorship contract with any other CLOTHING company while being sponsored by us. Equipment sponsorships and sponsorships other than clothing are allowed from other brands. You must however only endorse BE A BEAST Apparel as your official clothing sponsor. If you are currently sponsored by another clothing brand please do not submit a sponsorship application.
  • *We're looking to sponsor athletes that have a passion for what we stand for!

*The following must be included in your application: a brief bio including documents describing who you are, some of your top accomplishments, any other exemplary awards or achievements that you have received (either sports related or non-sports related), what your future goals are, and how you plan to promote BE A BEAST Apparel if your proposal is accepted.

IF you meet the above criteria, please apply for sponsorship following the guidelines below:

This form includes most of the information we require, but please make sure when preparing a resume or cover letter to consider the following:

  • Include your complete contact information (name, address, phone number, email address, and web site - if applicable)
  • A cover letter explaining how you currently promote, or intend to promote BE A BEAST Apparel or equipment products.
  • Brief resume/bio or history of your results for 2014 and also highlights from at least the past 3 years of competition.
  • You may include word documents, PDFs, photos, YouTube videos and other media you think may be helpful in displaying your skills or former accomplishments.
  • If you need immediate sponsorship for a large upcoming event be sure to include the date by which you need a reply and we'll do our best to respond back as soon as possible. (If it is very soon please submit an email with your completed form to
  • The content of your resume is more important to us than presentation so please make sure it not extremely lengthy.


If you are selected as part of our PRO-TEAM or AMBASSADOR programs you will be required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • "BEING A BEAST": While top finishes are important and certainly something we hope you attain, we aspire to sponsor athletes who are high-quality representatives of their sport and our CORE VALUES. First and foremost you will have to uphold the spirit and values associated with the Beast Brand. Our three core words as seen in our mission statement are Inspiration, Motivation and Helping, (we also hope you DOMINATE!) Remember, you are our representative "on the field." Your actions and the image you portray is a direct reflection of us as well!
  • Results Feedback/Training updates: As a sponsored athlete, you will be required to submit regular event/training reports. Providing good quality photo's with you clearly representing the product is also highly recommended. These images need to be copyright free. If taken by a professional photographer we will need their information so as to provide them credit.
  • Product Promotion: You MUST be willing to promote our products by eagerly talking to other athletes and people about our brand.
  • Social Media Promotion: You will be required to promote the product on your social media accounts by posting at least one picture a week of you and the product either training, or at an event.
  • Product Feedback: We may contact you to get some brief feedback on our products.
  • Brand Representation: You must train or compete in our clothing. If specific clothing or gear is required that we cannot provide then you must have our logo prominently displayed on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc. We will provide you with the necessary decals or stickers.

Before submitting an application you must create an account on our website. Please submit your application by email to

Thanks again for your interest in our brand, keep being a BEAST!